Family Law

Our family law department provides assistance with divorce and legal separation, custody/parenting matters, child support, and adoption. We also provide representation in post-dissolution matters such as child support modifications, transfer of real property titles, division of retirement funds and other assets and debts.

How Does Family Law Apply to Your Situation?

How Does Family Law Apply to Your Situation?

Ask a divorce attorney or family law attorney in Spokane, WA

Many Spokane, WA families feel overwhelmed when turning to the justice system to resolve a child custody dispute or dissolve a marriage. Family law can be complex, but a divorce attorney at KSB Litigation PS will help you understand how it applies to your situation.

We do more than the average family law firm. We assist clients in the Spokane, WA area with...

  • Child support and custody agreements and modifications
  • Division of assets, debts and retirement funds
  • Real property title transfers
  • Protective orders
  • Adoptions
Contact us today to speak with a divorce attorney about your goals.

Divorcing with kids?

At KSB Litigation PS, you can discuss your priorities and desired outcome with an experienced child custody attorney. Trust your attorney to listen attentively to you and walk you through a solution.

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